Dieter, Beware: Weight-loss Fads Can Be Bad For Your Health

ShopHouse offers gluten-free, dairy-free Asian dishes on the Chipotle model

are probably more so,” says Paulette Lambert, director of nutrition at the California Health & Longevity Institute, a medical and fitness center in Westlake Village. “My patients who fly in to New York from L.A. are so different from my usual patients,” says Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, assistant clinical professor at Yale University School of Medicine and director of the Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in New York. “They’re like ‘Get me to where I need to be [weight-wise] at all costs.’ ” “Diet fads seem to cycle back around about once every 10 or 12 years. Long enough for people to try a fad diet, see that it doesn’t work, forget that it doesn’t work, then try it all over again. Sometimes these diets are just repackages with different names,” Lambert says.
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Weight Loss After Divorce: How Splitting Up Inspired Michelle Kimbrell To Shed 50 Pounds (PHOTOS)


Related Stories Ecstasy users have higher risk of sleep apnea: study An obese tot from Saudi Arabia has become the youngest person to undergo bariatric surgery. When he was just 18 months old, the boy weighed almost 73 pounds, according to the International Journal of Surgery . He had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of about 41 and had trouble breathing throughout the night because of sleep apnea. RELATED: OBESE KIDS LIKELY TO HAVE 3 OR MORE SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS: STUDY Doctors decided the 2 1/2-year-old should have a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy after they determined his unhealthy weight was not caused by genes or heredity.
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Morbidly obese toddler undergoes weight-loss surgery

I wanted to get mad, scream, destroy things but all I could do was run. So I ran. Every day I took my aggression out on the pavement. Running gave me time off from divorce. It cleared my mind and helped me feel centered. It was also something that was just mine and helped me feel empowered. I wasn’t part of a couple any longer and no longer had the crutch of another person to rely on.
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How To Take A Massive Leap Forward In Your Writing Through One Simple Exercise

You will gain a new perspective on how the writer says things, how he deploys evidence and examples, and how his sentences are designed to introduce details or withhold them for later. One piece that I have personally used in this exercise was a complex, yet straightforward, obituary of the controversial writer and documentarian Heinrich Harrer , written by New York Times reporter Douglas Martin. Harrer, who died in 2006, was a complicated and disturbing figure. As a friend of the Dalai Lama’s and the author of the 1953 memoir Seven Years in Tibet , Harrer helped open the Western world to a realization of Tibet’s culture — and its endangerment under Chinese domination.
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Field hospital exercise in Madigan parking lot

Money, according to a new study reported by Psych Central on September 18 . You might assume that if someone has suffered a cardiac event or has an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, the knowledge that exercise could help prevent future problems would be incentive enough. But mental motivation isn’t enough, according to the researchers conducting the study. “The time commitment and discomfort of exercise prevents many adults from starting regular exercise, said lead author and doctoral student Marc Mitchell. “Peoples actions tend to serve their immediate self-interest at the expense of long-term well-being.” Delayed gratification isn’t easy, and benefiting from exercise is a case in point.
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Financial incentives improve exercise commitment and effort: Study

18, 2013 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The medical teams are using it this week to practice their work in conditions they’ll see if deployed again to a combat zone or to a natural disaster. The field exercise was meant to benefit about 160 soldiers assigned to the 47th Combat Support Hospital. The unit is made up of surgeons, nurses and medical specialists who can deploy as a full-scale medical battalion or in smaller groups. Photo: The News Tribune, Lui Kit Wong Joint Base Lewis-McChord medics and nurses get training from Major… Joint Base Lewis-McChord Soldiers will use the nearly 90,000 square feet of interconnected tents for sick call and minor surgeries on Wednesday, Sept.
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New Health Care Law Spells End To State’s High-risk Insurance Program

HIRSP, he said, has helped make the state’s health insurance market work better. “We have helped a lot of people with HIRSP in the office over the years,” he said. People still must be able to afford the cost of health insurance on their own, and coverage is expensive especially for those who are 55 and older. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 98,873 people 50 to 64 years old or almost 1 in 12 are uninsured in Wisconsin.
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Health Centers for low-income people in West New York and Jersey City gear up

The annual event offered free health and dental screenings, fitness classes, workshops, games, giveaways, and more. But this year, the event took on additional significance as both centers, which serve Bayonne, Union City, Secaucus, Weehawken, Jersey City, and other towns, began to implement the long anticipated ObamaCare, a national healthcare initiative designed to make certain that everyone has basic insurance coverage. The ceremonies included appearances by a number of elected officials, including Dennis E. Gonzalez, executive officer of the Office of the Secretary, Region II – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Also in attendance were Freeholder Jeff Dublin, Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavaro, Jersey City Councilwoman Joyce Waterman, and Erica Daughtry representing Rep. Albio Sires.
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4 Health-Care Buzzwords You Need to Know

Buzzing Plenty of companies are abuzz in profiting from the trends behind these buzzwords. How could investors potentially participate? The major health insurers are the first to come to mind. UnitedHealth Group , for example, is involved in all four buzzword trends. The big insurer announced in July that it plans to double its ACO contracts over the next five years. UnitedHealth acquired Axolotl in 2010, a major provider of HIE services. It also plans to participate in a dozen Obamacare health insurance exchanges and some private exchanges.
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